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How To Write A Best Selling Book


In this course you’ll learn:

  1. Introduction: Overview of the publishing industry and what makes a book a best-seller.
  2. Finding your writing voice: Discovering your unique style and tone to make your book stand out.
  3. Research and planning: Understanding your target audience and researching your topic to create a solid outline.
  4. Writing and revising: Developing your story, characters, and themes, and revising for clarity and impact.
  5. Formatting and presentation: Ensuring your book is well-structured, easy to read, and visually appealing.
  6. Publishing options: Exploring self-publishing, traditional publishing, and hybrid publishing options.
  7. Marketing and promotion: Creating a launch plan, building an author platform, and promoting your book to reach a wide audience.
  8. Becoming a successful author: Tips and strategies for maintaining a writing career and becoming a successful published author.
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